Friday, April 25, 2008

I further want to point out...

That the name Renard is just one letter away from retard. Coincidence? I'm thinking not. Why did the phrase "cruel parents" just pop into my head? Oh, the sexton part.

I'ed it, out of curiosity (I can't do any more work today. We are out of the specific paper I need and won't be getting any more until Monday... so for the rest of the day on I am homing from work.)... "Brave Counsel." Pssh. Lame. Also, Renard is the modern French word for "fox" (pronounced 'ruh NAHR'). It is not a given name in French-speaking countries. Dumb. Fox Sexton. That could be an okay porn name, I guess.

I'm such a jerky, snarky blogger sometimes.

Also, I'm totally loving the "let the hunt begin" tagline. I might start using it to sign off blog entries. Hell, I might start using it all the time. Parting ways with a friend? "Let the hunt begin!" Going out for lunch? "Let the hunt begin!" Okay, maybe that last one is a little too hunter gatherer for me.

In the spirit of this post:
Have a nice weekend, and LET THE HUNT BEGIN! :)


MrsKatherineA said...

I don't even know what the hell you're talking about but this is my favorite post of yours.....ever! xoxo

MrsKatherineA said...

And I'm officially taking 'Fox Sexton' as my stripper name!

Anonymous said...

Why do you resort to grade-school name calling? Is your self-esteem so low that you have to insult others to make yourself look glamorous? Sounds like you've had experience with “cruel parents” yourself.

You did make one intelligible point: not everyone is aware of this joke. So Renard's actually doing us a favor by pointing it out. There are really people who think like this, and hurt women because of some sick superiority complex. So remember Sarah, next time you hear about a rape on the news, this is the behavior that you're advocating. This is what you think is “funny.” You act like an eight-year-old and poke fun at people who try to take this seriously. Do you laugh at the rape victims too? Are they funny?

If one man posts an editorial like this, it's a joke. But a thousand other men read it, and chances are, one in a thousand takes it seriously. One in a thousand feel legitimized in thinking this way, just because he's read about other people who objectify women. So you can call Renard retarded if you want... it just means you think rape prevention and gender equality are retarded too.