Friday, April 11, 2008

Frejas Day

Today did not start off well. I woke up stuffy, with a sore throat, and feeling a bit achy. Meh. Too bad they don't have cold medicine in Denmark. That Viking stalwartness, I tell you! :) Regardless, the first thing I did was go out and stand on my glorious new balcony. Standing on my balcony for a few minutes just soaking in the fresh morning air is my new favorite way to wake up. It was sunny and not too cold (read: warmer than freezing) this morning. After I'd gotten my fill of morning air and balcony standing, I went inside and had an enormous cup of coffee and bowl of cheerios with soy milk and half a sliced banana. I wasn't really hungry because I wasn't feeling well, but I might have to skip lunch at work today so I figured it was best to eat something anyway while I could.

Since I was feeling crappy I figured I'd pull an ultra casual, completely effortless Friday and threw on a pair of dark SFAMs, grey beater, and white long sleeved shirt. While braiding my hair, I wondered if I am getting too old to wear my hair in double braids. I decided not, as long as I wear them in a more grown up way (clear, non-distracting elastics with a side part or pinned up (today I'm rocking the former). NOT down with a center part and they must be unadorned.)

Now I'm sitting at work. Still feeling crappy. It's an exciting day, though. A few months ago I was involved in a marketing project to design a t-shirt for our students to purchase. After months of student focus groups, drawing board sessions, ans general hemming and hawing over various specifics, the t-shirts arrived today! Though they are a slight derivation of the particular look I wanted (I got out voted on a few style aspects), I think our team did a good job. They look awesome. :)

I leave you with some tidbits from my news feed that I particularly liked this morning:

01. Emo Bond drinks dry vodka martinis, too. But he takes his stirred with a rusty razorblade, not shaken.

02. Beautiful wedding photos.<3

03. In America, some people hold their parking spots with orange parking cones (by the way, in my opinion the only time when such ruthless behavior is acceptable is if you had to spend hours shoveling your car out of the snow), in Denmark, we employ guard dogs!

04. A social study of Googlegängers and the same-name phenomenon. Raise your hand if you've accepted a friend request from a namesake on Facebook and it still weirds you out when your newsfeed tells you you've done something that you haven't!

05. When Is a Fashion Ad Not a Fashion Ad? Photographer Juergen Teller tells it like it is.

06. On the Fashion Fringe: I don't care how fashionable it is, I still think it's gross. Keep your Pocahontas/Wild West fantasy behind closed doors or save it for Halloween.

07. Banana Republic, trying to compete with Ralph Lauren?

08. Rugby jerseys are like thick sweatshirts with collars!
But if you want to see some real fighting spirit, you should check out Celtic Football.

09. Oh Yeah, and The Nationals still suck.

Happy Friday!

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