Thursday, April 10, 2008

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. On Thursdays, we think.

mens mentis, sententia. A little food for thought.

01. Andrew Moon on Prosblogion: Is it Permissible for God to Kill People? Further considerations to be made: Can God violate rights if he (it) is responsible for creating said and discussed rights? Wait. Does God even exist in the first place?

02. Richard at Philosophy, Etc. asks if Logic is Overrated. Inconsistent Thoughts argues that It's Not. I am withholding my opinion baring further consideration and perhaps drafting a logical proof to further support my opinion one way or another.

03. Richard Brown at Philosophy Sucks! on zombies (he loves zombie arguments), the existence of numbers, and a short argument that there is no God.

04. Interesting lunch table argument on personal identity today.
Sometimes I think that my propensity to think like a philosopher is a curse. It pisses people off when they are just trying to be funny. (But yes, Rachel, the argument that 'If you don't remember something you did while you were drunk, it didn't happen' does relate directly to personal identity theory and the concept of accountability. I think it's interesting.) :)

05. Progress in Philosophy? Maybe not. I've always said that philosophy leaves you "knowing" less than you thought you knew when you started. Philosophical discussions often exacerbate or at least perpetuate states of confusion. But, some people like that. ;)

06. A Short Argument That There Is No God. I like the sound of it, though I think premise three may have a hole in it. It's been bothering me but I can't put my finger on exactly why it's irking me. Side note: I'm SO not a huge fan of Plantinga (weird concept, this theistic philosopher/academic thing...). I also have no idea what "transworld depravity" could even hint at meaning. Sesquipedalian semantics, I tell you!

07. Shoot to kill policies, the right to life, and arbitrary execution. I started thinking about this today because it was briefly mentioned in the International Law class I sat in on this morning. The discussion stemmed from one on profiling and that international student that was shot in London. I'm not going to go into specifics (because I really should be hitting the gym, not blogging), but it seems like the percieved necessity of such action would largely depend on how strictly one adheres to utilitarian practices. Basically, the shoot to kill policy and reasoning would likely be inversely proportional to one's "sureness." Hmm. This is probably a thought I should explore further. The real purpose of this entry, 07, was so I don't forget to think about it again.

08. The most delicious looking cupcakes of all time.

09. I hope the Nationals fail, too. Go O's.
And take that, all you turn-coat traitors that became Nat's fans after being Orioles fans your whole life! Everyone knows that true fans are fans even when their team sucks.

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