Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 4.25

So, Sarah Says the following things are newsworthy...

01. In case anyone was unclear (which they obviously were), Johnny Mathias would like to clarify that his Letter to the Editor in the University of Maryland's Diamondback Newspaper regarding Skirt Day and The College Park Secret Hot Girls Club was a JOKE. Bonus points, Johnny, for incorporating Urban Dictionary's April 24th Word of the Day into your article. That's current. I like it.

02. In related news, I think that Do-Rag Day and the College Park Secret Gangsta Rappers Club sounds sweet. I'm all about group-specific, exclusionary extracurriculars. Like greek life. God, Renard Sexton, shove your 'despicable cultural norms' up your ass and take a joke, already! By the way, you have one of the worst last names EVER. Douchebag.

03. My hometown, Annapolis, Maryland, is all old and historic and shit. We now have our very own 18th century log road to prove it. *Also interesting, in a fashion-y kind of way: Log roads seem to have been the inspiration for the fabric we now call corduroy. Cool. Up for current debate... is corduroy a fall fabric worthy of Annapolitan Fratstars? Are Sperry topsiders appropriate footwear to pair with corduroy pants? Let's talk color and thickness of the corduroy...

04. My favorite cupcake blog has heard of University of Maryland's 50,000 Maryland Day cupcakes and blogged about it! The cupcakes are apparently going to be yellow cake, topped with yellow, white, chocolate, and red icing to look like the Maryland flag. According to the Maryland Gazette, "the cupcakes will be arranged in the likeness of the university’s globe-like seal on a 60-foot table under a tent in front of Hornbake Plaza" and were Patricia Mote's (wife of University President C.D. Mote) idea. The whole bunch will be about 12.6 million calories. Wow! You'd gain approximately 3,600 pounds if you scarfed them all down. (They are about 252 calories a piece, for those of you who plan on only eating one or two! And you could eat about 13 before gaining a pound solely from cupcake consumption...) For the record, I still think my red velvet cupcake with Testudo topper was a good idea (see down a few posts...), but maybe next year.

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