Thursday, April 17, 2008

Webgeekery Wastes Time

I'm not feeling well and thus at 3.45pm have decided that I am totally done with work for the week. In order to kill the last 45 minutes until the bell rings at 4.30 and I can head to the gym without feeling like I'm somehow letting my hardworking colleagues down, I decided to engage in some general web browsing of the geek variety. My findings:

Science confirms the obvious: Limiting TV and video games will reduce prevalence of chiodhood obesity. Note that the girls should be taking 2,000 more steps per day than the boys. Getting ahead of the mid-life weight gain curve?

02. Oh great. Something else for the Swedes to tease the Danes about. Not like having an old tree is all that cool. Now that that's been published, I bet Swedish hooligans are already plotting to cut it down. Fire on Mount Fulu! That has a fun ring.

03. Biometrics are really neat. I haven't actually read this link, but I came across them today and was reminded how cool I think they are. I intend to learn more about them.

04. Tomorrow is Store Bededag in Denmark. That translates to Big Prayer Day. As far as I can tell, it's just the Danes pretending to be religious again while really just sitting around drinking beer and eating these special prayer buns or something like that. We also all get off work, so that's fun. Religion is a great excuse for a holiday. I knew a girl in college who pretended to be Jewish the whole time.

4.24. I've waited long enough. Peace out, cub scouts! :)

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