Sunday, March 22, 2009

Testing, Testing

I finally updated to the new Blogger template (formerly, I was one of those "I'll figure out this html myself!" geeks), so if you are one of the 1% of people that actually visits blogs and doesn't have them in an aggregate feed, bear with me for the next couple of days (weeks?) while I fiddle.

Anyone have good ideas for a header? I don't really know what kind of (non-copywritten, personal) image would adequately encapsulate and represent a blog about everything and nothing...

p.s. I also linked with my twitter feed, so check me out in more frequent, 140 character bites (bytes?) over there...

Tap Project 2009

I went to the D.C. kickoff event for the 2009 Tap Project on Friday. World Water Week is this week! Please watch the video and participate. Even if you can't dine out this week (Tap in your city), you can donate on their website. $1 gives a child safe drinking water for 40 days.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Morning Metro Musings: Ad Sense

You know how Frosted Mini Wheats are presently targeting children with their television commercial spots? I was just thinking that they could target women with an 'oat-couture' campaign, obviously highlighting the similarities between the American pronunciation of the word 'oat' and the French pronunciation of the word 'haute.' They could focus on how the fiber in frosted mini wheats will keep you slim, how the nutrients will keep your skin healthy and glowing and how the bit of frosting on top will make you happy - perhaps in a vein similar to the way adding diamond jewelry to an already-good outfit makes it special. They could have a lady frosted mini wheat (they have an adult male and a child version now) wearing either heels and a pearl necklace or perhaps a dress similar to the dresses in the Chapstick print ad campaigns (but then you wouldn't see that extra-special frosting) and a personality something like the green M&M, but less sultry and maybe more professional and career-oriented.

No idea why I'm thinking about this - I don't remember the last time - have frosted mini wheats.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shit, it's that easy.

I was going to send this to Twitter:

Don't preach in my Metro station, I won't sin in your church.

Because someone was walking around Metro Center station yelling about saving all our rush hour souls and whatnot. I was trying to think about something that "a religious" [person] would think as equally offensive (and, dare I say ridiculous?!) as an agnostic like me was thinking of his transit tirade. 'Sin, how obvious,' I thought. But then I realised that, no, his behaviour was [presumably] entirely conscious and unavoidable, whereas the tiniest, little white sin is often not - at least for me. I mean, given that I was of sound mind, I could go to a church and obviously avoid the "biggies" like committing adultery or killing a priest. But what about those little, white sin-thoughts, like, "oh, I can't believe she decided to wear those fug-tastic shoes to church?! God can't possibly be THAT forgiving!" As snarky as it is, those kinds of little thoughts flit through my head as lightning speed. I can't like, consciously not have them. That's like trying to tell a skeptic not to imaging the pink elephant in the room. I would rarely say them out loud (okay, I'm modifying that statement to end with "in church"). But, as far as I know, super-religious people would find thoughts like that sinful. You think something snarky like that in church? Boom - lightning bolt, sinner!

So, weird Metro evangelist, preach away. No ones perfect, and I could never please you either.

Btw: I had food poisoning last night and now I think I have a fever, which may explain the craziness of this post. I'm ailing. No, it can't be cured by cowbell. Too bad.
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BONUS! A bit more on the Senz:

... watch the cute Dutch umbrella designer with braces and too many vowels in his name (God, I LOVE Dutch), Gerwin Hoogendoorn, do the Dutch version of Jackass by testing various umbrellas, including the award-winning Senz paraplu while zipping around a race track in an Audi convertible.

Click "speel video" to begin. Hover your mouse over to skip past the explanation (iin Duutch) and see the Audi action. At the very end you get to see an umbrella cemetery.

Note: this video may not display in an aggregate feed, so here is a link:

You can stand under my um-buh-rella

... Or, not. Sorry, there is only room for me.

Dutch-designed (by students!) Senz umbrella. Can withstand winds up to 70 miles per hour. Bring it on, tropical storms.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday morning

Standing on the metro platform now... Waiting...

Its been so long since I've travelled domestically that I had a momentary freak out this morning on my way to the metro because I thought I'd forgotten my passport.

I've got to run to CVS sometime today to get some mini shampoo and conditioner, because I'm not sure if Duane Reed, or whatever that tri-state chain is called, will be open when I get there. This sparked an interesting conversation with my roommate last night. Okay, not interesting at the time, but I was thinking about it this morning. She called the mini products "sample sized." I call them "travel size." Maybe this is a dialect difference in bring from different parts of the country... But, even so, I think I must be right. I mean, who would want to sample Garnier or Pantene Pro-V? Its like, you know they'll do the job, but its not like you're sampling to see if you want to buy the entire product. A small-sized Kerastase or Redken, on the other hand, would be considered 'sample-sized' because the full size products are costly so, in the vein of frugality, it is worth it to try-before-you-buy to make sure you like it.

Okay, this discussion if way too Noam Chomsky-ish for 8am. Have a happy Friday!

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Blog neglect

I've been neglecting SSS, jumping on board the microblogging bandwagon at Twitter (profile link to follow... On BB now...) Did you miss me? ;)

A few things...
1. On metro now... There is a guy with one eye of dark lashes, one eye of white. Not make-up. Can you be half albino? Maybe he has the same genetic disorder as Kate Bosworth.

2. Also metro related... There are two tween girls, like, pole dancing... Swear. 6:30 thursday evening. Wtf?

3. Made a new friend at L'Occitane, Lawrence. He gave me free stuff and turned me on to their amber perfume. Said he hopes I make it home okay. Must be because I smell so fiercely awesome. Buying it at the friends and family next week, then going next door to CoCo Sala for a TDF CoCojito.

4. Tunes of the moment- Amon Tobin, thanks Matt! And the new LP3 Ratatat album. And Santogold.

5. NYC this weekend! Lincoln center jazz, brunches, fashion photography, and overall bourgieness with NYC Interior Designer. Excited! Bringing champy. (Stealing Olivia Palermo's ling')

Over and out. Ill try to be around more!
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