Friday, March 20, 2009

Morning Metro Musings: Ad Sense

You know how Frosted Mini Wheats are presently targeting children with their television commercial spots? I was just thinking that they could target women with an 'oat-couture' campaign, obviously highlighting the similarities between the American pronunciation of the word 'oat' and the French pronunciation of the word 'haute.' They could focus on how the fiber in frosted mini wheats will keep you slim, how the nutrients will keep your skin healthy and glowing and how the bit of frosting on top will make you happy - perhaps in a vein similar to the way adding diamond jewelry to an already-good outfit makes it special. They could have a lady frosted mini wheat (they have an adult male and a child version now) wearing either heels and a pearl necklace or perhaps a dress similar to the dresses in the Chapstick print ad campaigns (but then you wouldn't see that extra-special frosting) and a personality something like the green M&M, but less sultry and maybe more professional and career-oriented.

No idea why I'm thinking about this - I don't remember the last time - have frosted mini wheats.
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LiLu said...

I never liked them. Far too healthy. Give me some Fruit Loops any day.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I'm a Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs girl myself!! (which makes this musing even weirder! Why on earth did this cross my mind?!)