Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday morning

Standing on the metro platform now... Waiting...

Its been so long since I've travelled domestically that I had a momentary freak out this morning on my way to the metro because I thought I'd forgotten my passport.

I've got to run to CVS sometime today to get some mini shampoo and conditioner, because I'm not sure if Duane Reed, or whatever that tri-state chain is called, will be open when I get there. This sparked an interesting conversation with my roommate last night. Okay, not interesting at the time, but I was thinking about it this morning. She called the mini products "sample sized." I call them "travel size." Maybe this is a dialect difference in bring from different parts of the country... But, even so, I think I must be right. I mean, who would want to sample Garnier or Pantene Pro-V? Its like, you know they'll do the job, but its not like you're sampling to see if you want to buy the entire product. A small-sized Kerastase or Redken, on the other hand, would be considered 'sample-sized' because the full size products are costly so, in the vein of frugality, it is worth it to try-before-you-buy to make sure you like it.

Okay, this discussion if way too Noam Chomsky-ish for 8am. Have a happy Friday!

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Tanya said...

Your post has made me realize I'm very conflicted. I consider them samples if I'm buying something pricey that I want to try out, yet I consider them travel size if I'm buying them for a trip...