Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog neglect

I've been neglecting SSS, jumping on board the microblogging bandwagon at Twitter (profile link to follow... On BB now...) Did you miss me? ;)

A few things...
1. On metro now... There is a guy with one eye of dark lashes, one eye of white. Not make-up. Can you be half albino? Maybe he has the same genetic disorder as Kate Bosworth.

2. Also metro related... There are two tween girls, like, pole dancing... Swear. 6:30 thursday evening. Wtf?

3. Made a new friend at L'Occitane, Lawrence. He gave me free stuff and turned me on to their amber perfume. Said he hopes I make it home okay. Must be because I smell so fiercely awesome. Buying it at the friends and family next week, then going next door to CoCo Sala for a TDF CoCojito.

4. Tunes of the moment- Amon Tobin, thanks Matt! And the new LP3 Ratatat album. And Santogold.

5. NYC this weekend! Lincoln center jazz, brunches, fashion photography, and overall bourgieness with NYC Interior Designer. Excited! Bringing champy. (Stealing Olivia Palermo's ling')

Over and out. Ill try to be around more!
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