Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Patent leather... Shiny, waterproof, deathproof.

I just almost died. I was crossing the street in FAF-town on my way home and this car almost hit me. Being a roadrager (peds can be too!) I yelled "hey!" And the guy was like "well you're wearing all black!" And then, instead of pointing out the fact that I'm wearing a CAMEL coat OR that I'm in the CROSSWALK, I say (idiotically) "I'm wearing shiny patent leather shoes and your headlights are on, pay attention, asshole!!"

Totes hate myself. I'm dying my hair brown tonight.
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Libby said...

i like it when you blog. it brightens my day :)

Sarah said...

I like it when you comment, pigeven. It brightens my day!!! You're coming in, like, a month!! :)

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