Wednesday, February 4, 2009

'Grand' is a puzzling qualifier...

Sometimes I get funny commentary on funny things from funny friends. Here are a few e-conversational notes about Denny's "Free Grand Slams For Everyone!" (from 6am-2pm today, as advertised during the Super Bowl)...

NYC Interior Designer:
My favorite line:
"You couldn't beat it. I mean it was a beautiful, beautiful breakfast. It was fit for a queen or a king," diner Annah Shoffner told CNN affiliate WNCN-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Which leads me to another thought? Is anyone in this country employed anymore? (What are they doing on a Tuesday morning at a Denny's?)

So, Sarah Says:
You saw my facebook status the other day, right? [Sarah thinks it is so ghetto that the Denny's website is crashing over free grand slams. ] God, you're right, NYC Interior Designer; America is straight hood sometimes.

NYC Interior Designer:
Yes, which is why I sent you that link. It really is ridiculous. How could someone even come near implying that a Denny's Grand Slam is a meal fit for royalty? ...Then the news actually repeats/reports that! Ridiculous.

So, Sarah Says:
I know, and it's not the Bumf**k Courier either. It's CNN.

PEOPLE!!!! This is funny.

Also, I just got back from taking the GRE and I KILLED IT!!! Straight up son. And no, I am unemployed and would not be caught dead at a Denny's...ever.


Pige ven:
Yay, congrats bourbs!

And NYC Interior Decorator, perhaps all these hardworking individuals went in for breakfast BEFORE work -- it said they started at 6 am. Or they are like the student who "identified himself as DeShawn" (does that mean the reporter didn't believe him?) and are going for breakfast before class.

So, Sarah Says:
What really kills me is that all this fraternizing with the hoi polloi was for a not-even-important-enough-to-be-on-the-online-menu Grand Slam. They could have upped the ante and at least made it a Moons Over My Hammy (Ham and scrambled egg sandwich with Swiss and American cheese on grilled sourdough. Served with choice of hash browns or grits) or perhaps one of the "grander" Slams, like the Lumberjack Slam or the All-American Slam [insert cheering crowd sound here].

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pigeven said...

DAMN we're witty. I can't wait for the shit-talking that will occur in march when we're all reunited :)