Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesdalies

1. I fucking hate Zips Drycleaners. The ghetto-ass non-folded-over-tip hanger that they returned my clothes on tripped me and made me get a two inch scratch in my brand new, butter-soft leather Delman flats this morning. Nevermind the fact that I left it on my floor.

2. Rasika's palat chaak is delicious. Actually, their entire $20.09 three-course restaurant week menu selection is. I recommend the salmon(s). Yes, you get two.

3. Girl on metro has scandi-white-blonde hair with hot pink streaks. I wonder if you had a skilled enough stylist could you get thin highlights of a rainbow of colors and have your hair look brown from at least three feet away. Like fingerpaints.

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