Friday, February 13, 2009

Alpine highs and confusion

Random morning-on-the-metro thought: What does it mean when people say "the higher you climb, the farther you'll fall?" Or is it "the FASTER you climb, the harder you'll fall?" (Which, now that I've typed it, makes absolutely no sense considering the laws of physics, right?) Anyway, I know it's metaphoric, but are we supposed to take that to mean "don't climb?" "Climb carefully? Leaving the metaphorical world for a second, I'm sure any seasoned climber will tell you that climbing, no matter how "easy" or familiar, ALWAYS has risks. Something could always go wrong. Does this mean a climber shouldn't climb? No. It means be careful. Logically, I think we can apply deductions about real climbing to the metaphor and realise what a stupid thing it is to say. It's like something boring, ugly, non-ambitious people say out of jealousy over people who are willing to take a gamble. Where's the fun in playing it safe?

I wish I was Rev Run sitting in a bubble bath right now instead of on a nasty orange pleather upholstered metro seat.
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