Friday, April 4, 2008

Sweet dreams are made of this

Perhaps because I've been thinking about the Holy Ghost recently, I had a really weird dream last night. I usually don't remember my dreams at all, so I wrote it down as soon as I woke up so I wouldn't forget. I've decided to immortalize it in my blog.

I'm on Jeopardy...

“I’ll take ‘Holy Figures’ for 800, Alex”

“This member of the Holy Triumvirate is the only one who hasn’t had a testament devoted entirely to its practices.”



“What is the Holy Ghost, Alex.”


“’Holy Figures’ for 1000.”

*neer, neer, neer*

“Daily Double!”

“I’d like to make it a true Daily Double, Alex…”

“This Biblical figure presided over Jesus’ trial, has a thoroughly modern name which surprisingly hasn’t yet become popular among yuppies in their child-naming practices, and would probably make a pretty decent rapper name.”


“I need an answer, Sarah.”

“Who is… Pontius Pilate?”


And then I woke up. Weird.

1 comment:

Mike Mastro said...

i really like your use of onomatopoeia for the daily double noise...