Thursday, April 3, 2008

Home Goods Stores & fUGG

If your job is to advise retail stores on creative names, being asked to name a home goods store likely signifies the end of your career. Coming up with a name like The Room Store (nevermind the awful tagline that goes with it), Linens 'n Things, or Bed Bath and Beyond is surely indicative of an inevitable and irreversible slide down a steep hill towards the death of your career. Your well of creativity has run dry. Time to go back to night school.

Also, I was on the UGG Australia website today because I saw a girl wearing some Uggs the other day that were knit and folded down with a button. Though I relegate any Ugg-wearing to ultra-cold days on which it is actually warranted and always keep the uggly suckers safely hidden under my pants (none of that Uggs with mini-skirts heinery.), I thought they were actually kind of cute for fall perhaps and wanted to look into them. I couldn't find them on the site. I only found knit Uggs sans-button, which weren't as cute. Then, I found this, which nearly made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Sick. What the hell is that. Like, a hat-scarf monstrosity with pockets?! Gross. You wouldn't even look cute wearing that camping in Vermont.

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