Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Is what the last two days have been filled with. :) A quick recap of things that have kept my mood in the stratosphere for the past two days (apologies in advance for the likely excessive use of the smiley emoticon):

01. The weather in Denmark has been GREAT! It's warmed up and been really sunny. I wore flip flops to work today. First time in 2008, hurra!

02. I bought a plane ticket home to America! I'll be sad to leave Denmark, but excited to go back to America when the time finally comes! :)

03. I got a four-page handwritten letter from a dear friend in the States.

04. Last night when I was biking home I saw the cutest sight... an elderly couple riding next to each other on their bikes holding hands while they biked. :) So cute. I hope to do things like that when I'm old with my husband someday. Step one: Find a husband. (orrr, wait. Maybe step one should be fall in love with someone?) Step two: Do cute things together. Step three: Grow old. Step four: Combine steps two and three to make passerby think 'Aw, that's cute!' to themselves.

05. Later last night Libby, Rachel, and I went on an evening field trip to Paradis, which has some of the best ice cream ever. We got a half gallon tub with three flavors and ate nearly half. Delicious. Oh, did I mention I also bunked off going to the gym yesterday? Oops. I'm going today, I promise... :)

06. I had a embarrassingly long conversation with Lib, Rachel, and Sam about the merits of Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons last night. It's really funny to get on a completely dorky topic and realize, thirty minutes later, what you've actually been intensely talking about. By the way, we're not ashamed.

07. Great gossip at work today.

Sigh... :)

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Libby said...

Um, it was a half LITER, not a half GALLON. We're not that big of gluttons.