Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Muse-day

On my mind in the last 24:

01. Well, the Danes finally finished my balcony today. The actual construction of the balcony appeared to take less than a day because I sure didn't have a balcony this morning when I left for work. The setting up took, oh, 4-5 months. Ridiculous what kinds of time frames these socialist laborers think they can get away with! It's gorgeous, though. Well worth waiting for. It's made of dark, reddish wood. I'm not sure what kind it is and couldn't get a good look because it was wet from today's rain. (Though, let's be quite honest; I'm no wood expert either and dry conditions probably won't change that.) It's about 3-4 meters long (eew, I'm thinking in metric. This indicates that I am either a scientist or European. Since I don't really consider myself affiliated with either party, I will modify the statement before these parentheses to say that my new balcony is about 9 to 12 FEET long. Oh, fahrenheit is cool too. And it really trips Europeans up when you say, for example, that "it's 52 degrees outside." Some of the 'less quick' ones will actually look at you like you're talking about walking on the sun and say something asinine like "Wow, that's so hot! I was confused for a second!" Dummies.) Um so anyway, yeah. The balcony is cool. And I'm really excited to be able to wake up and not have some guys standing outside of my window, 5 floors up. Presumably watching me sleep. Creepy. On that note, it'll be really nice to not have to come out of the shower and change in the living room. I can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer. The balcony will be awesome with a couple of chairs and tons of candles. Super hyggelig.

02. Tonight when I was eating dinner, I reached an incredibly sad realization. That realization is that I don't really know what pure, unadulterated crab meat tastes like. :( Oh, the horror for someone from Maryland to admit that! I realized this sad fact while eating my Old Bay coated smørrebrod dinner. I thought to myself, 'wow, this Wasa bread, dijon mustard, tomato, and hard boiled egg doused in Old Bay sure tastes like crab!' Then I realized, 'no, it tastes like Old Bay.' And I further realized that, in my mind, Old Bay = Crab. I'm going to have to eat some unadulterated crab right away when I get back to the states. Not a crabcake either. I'm going to have to crack open a crab and eat it plain. No Old Bay, no butter, no nothing. Just to say I can and I did. Mmmm, I sure love Old Bay, though!

Rach and I decided to watch Ronin on VHS tonight, having already watched nearly every single movie (all VHS, by the way) that my landowners (letters? out-renters? land people?) own.

03. At the beginning of Ronin, and by far the best part of the entire Ronin experience, they had a commercial for DVDs. It was so funny and awesome. It explained all the features of DVDs and why people should all switch to DVDs. We've come a long way from the days of VHS. The scary part is that I've had dozens of movies on VHS in my lifetime. I'm getting old. This is like my parents talking about records and eight tracks.

04. Okay, so more on Ronin. Ronin might be a half decent movie, but I had trouble concentrating on it because it kept reminding me of other movies. If you haven't seen it, Ronin is best described as 1/3 Oceans 1x (could be any of them) because of the whole heist, case plotline, 1/3 The Italian Job/ maybe Grand Theft Auto because of the car chases, and 1/3 The Saint because of the Russians and the Ronin/Samurai lessons (there are three. Three is also an important number when it comes to miracles if you are trying to become a saint). Speaking of the Ronin Samurai, the whole suppuku thing is nuts. Can you imagine disembowling yourself out of honor even when you no longer had a master!? I guess I'm not cut out to be a Samurai.

05. Go Danish! You can deduce that your foreign language skills don't completely suck when a movie has parts in French, is subtitled in Danish, and you know exactly what is going on. Yesss!

In keeping with the French, au revoir! :)

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