Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I woke up Tuesday morning

Staring at the ceiling
Hoping for deliverance
From the distances in you.

This room feels like an oven
Somewhere south of nowhere
And north of nothing

- Counting Crows | Barely Out of Tuesday

Some things I love this Tuesday + One thing that absolutely horrifies me:

01. Is the verb "Tasered" or "Tased"? You'd think anyone who actually frequently uses the past tense of Taser would be able to figure it out. The rest of us? Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and presume that we normal folk just don't taser people often enough to care about talking about it in the past tense. Side note: I once thought (admittedly not that seriously) about buying an Air Taser in France from a spy store on the Champs d'Elysée. I thought it would be funny. I wonder if I could have gotten it through customs. I definitely could have gotten it through customs here in Denmark. They rarely even have someone staffing the 'Goods to Declare' line. It's like "Yeah, all these cigarettes, bottles of liquor, illicit drugs, and my air taser? Oh, guess you guys don't care about that." And then I would go taser Danes in a coked-out drunken haze, smelling like old cigarettes. Super. Anyways, I looked for a picture (of course I took one. How often do you see a store called "Spy Store" that advertises air tasers?! Yeah, thought as much. You totally would have taken a picture too.), but I guess I don't have it on Facebook or webshots, so use your imagination. (Or go to Paris and check it out for yourself.)

02. Leanimal's cool architectural designs. I don't know if I could pull it off (says the girl who is wearing jeans, rainbows, and a thin, snuggly lambswool sweater - about the furthest from 'architectural' you can get!), but I think some of the designs are gorgeous.

03. Logical Fallacies. Though instead of pointing out logical fallacies in e-arguments, I'm a fan of using latin words and phrases to at choice moments to trip up my e-pponents. That's the nice part about e-guments. You have time to consult your latin dictionary. Mens mentis. Neco inimicus. Derideo. Fullio of shitis.

04. Yeah, I dunno. I think this Font Game is boring as hell, but someone might like it.

05. TREEMAN. Oh. My. God. Freak me out xcore.

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