Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Things

01. Ain't No Dance Party Like a Yugoslavian Dance Party! I recently watched the Yugoslavian Romantic comedy Crna mačka, beli mačor (Black Cat, White Cat). This movie is awesome and I highly recommend it. It starts off a bit slow... you know, a washing machine gets thrown over the side of a barge and embarrassingly misses the boat and is dropped in a river, we see a girl doing some Yugo-version of Flashdance... The usush. But then you meet Dadan. As the Wikipedia entry on the movie says, Dadan is "a rich, fun-living, drug-snorting gangster type who has a harem, juggles grenades and cheats at cards." Juggling grenades is sooo bad ass. Suspiciously absent from Wikipedia's entry on the movie is mention of Dadan's reoccurring sweet dance move involving a lot of fast paced fist pumping. We are first introduced to Dadan's signature move after he snorts cocaine out of a rosary with a cross-shaped cokebox and pretty much simultaneously with him singing "Pitbull" while his harem girls lean in and screech "Terrier!" Check it out by watching these videos: here and here. The Dadan dance is now my new favorite morning dance party move. As a side note let me tell you there is no better way to start the day with a dance party. Unless you held your morning dance party on your sweet new balcony... but the neighbors have been eating breakfast on their new balcony and I'm not completely shameless. Not completely. Watch out, though, once you start this fist-pumping fiesta of fun you'll want to do it everywhere. I was biking to work yesterday listening to Girl Talk's Bounce That and I had the urge. I Dadan'ed just a little bit when I was at a stoplight, but I kept my hands low. There is unfortunately no way reserved Danish people could handle a Yugoslavian Mashup Dance party at Lance Armstrong intersection at 8am.

02. 'I don't understand why they didn't just write a note,' said Miss Smith, 27. I don't understand why you didn't just read in the first place. Dummy.

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