Thursday, May 1, 2008

Glæde Kristi Himmelfartsdag!!

That's Happy Ascension Day to all you non-Danish speakers (but, really, who doesn't speak Danish these days? It's not like it's an obscure language spoken primarily in a country of only 5 million people or anything.) "Wait, Sarah," you may be asking, "since when are you religious, let alone religious enough to celebrate Ascension Day?" The answer is: since never. Still not. I just think the Danish translation which is, directly, word for word to English, 'Happy Christ Heaven/Sky Speed Day.' And, come on, fart?! Absolutely one of the best words in Danish. I love when I'm on the highway in Denmark (rare, but happens on occasion because I am lucky enough to know people who own automobiles) and I see a sign that says 'Din Fart,' which means 'Your Speed.' Also, elevators with signs like the one in the picture that accompanies this post. Hahaha. :) I bet foreigners walk up to elevators like that, see the button next to 'i fart' and look surreptitiously around, wondering if this is a cruel joke the Danes play on the unsuspecting. Not a cruel joke, but if you're that embarrassed, perhaps it's your first clue you should be getting a bit of exercise and taking the stairs. :)

Happy Sky Fart Day! :)

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Anonymous said...

cool blog... i was wondering what it meant... Happy Kristi himmelfartsdag!