Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Saturday

I have to be at the office today, Saturday, boo. Luckily, I don't have anything to do until the party for the new students tonight, so until then I can entertain myself with a bit of blogging. I haven't had any time to blog recently because I've been super busy at work. It's been a bummer. Anyways, here's what's up:

01. Religion and Law School just don't mix! Gee, must be all that logic. God doesn't really fit into all that, does he/she/it? I'll (I'd?) probably do great in all my Godlessness glory. For a laugh, I want to especially draw your attention to number four in the abstract: 4) the presence and strength of the view that entry into the legal profession is a divine calling. Good God (pun intended), do people actually think that?!

02. So you say you're fat? Your career ain't down with that. Actually, unless you are a sumo wrestler, being overweight (you know, actually being fat and not just saying you are, like me) probably won't bode favorably with reaching the upper stratosphere of your chosen profession. A few random thoughts I had while reading the article:

"And there's not much preventing companies from acting solely in favor of their bottom lines." hehehehe. Bottom lines! Get it? Zing!

Though overweight people may receive some protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act... BEING OVERWEIGHT IS NOT A DISABILITY UNLESS IT CANNOT BE HELPED (thyroid problem, etc.) Sorry. I know this is probably an asshole perspective, but I hold strong. Also, even if the problem is rooted in genetics, I'd be willing to presume that most people wouldn't be 'genetically obese.' There is a huge difference between a little junk in the trunk and disgusting obesity.
... or society's anti-fat sentiment fades... never.

... Lynn McAfee, director of medical advocacy for The Council on Size & Weight Discrimination... weighs about 400 pounds... [She] recalls how she was once asked to apply for a new position within the auto insurance company where she worked. Though it was a better job, McAfee didn't go for it because she knew it would involve a lot of cross-country flights.

"I knew as a large woman that I would need two seats," she says. "I was too embarrassed to even say that."

No comment. But if you know me or have read more than one entry in my blog, you probably can guess what I'm thinking. Actually, no, one comment. If McAfee was asked to apply for the new position, why wouldn't she assume that her employer already knew that, by giving it to her, she would need two seats?! 400lbs isn't exactly the kind of resume 'shortcoming' that you can, you know, hide. Maybe it was a phone interview.

03. Leave it to the thugs in Oakland to figure out how to ghostride a bike!! Remember when I was talking about how this in my Copenhagen Biking A-Z post?! (see 'G') Yay!

04. And for you automobilers: The Official Shotgun Rules. Doesn't really apply to me because I have only driven a car once (for a week in Ireland on the wrong side of the road and car) in the past ten months. I miss my car.

05. With enough money, you too can be come a brand!!

That's all for now. I thought about posting a few things from my growing wishlist, but I don't feel like it now so it'll have to wait. Hopefully I'll have more time to blog again now that a huge rush is over at work. :)

Have a nice weekend!

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