Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Xs & Os

Which is which when it comes to hugs and kisses?

I've always thought the X was the hug, because it symbolizes arms being outstretched and ready to hug.

The O would be the kiss, because it looks most like an open mouth, ready to kiss.

However, I could see the O being the hug too, in this case differing from the X being the hug because the arms would be wrapped around the body instead of just ready to hug.

But if the O was the hug, I can't figure out how the X would be the kiss. I guess I always thought the letters were symbolic, and I can't really see how an X would be symbolic of a kissing mouth in any way.

My friend Rachel is similarly confused.

She says she has always thought the X was the hug because it usually comes first in the sequence. "Like, if you wrote it out [instead of using the symbolic letters], you would say hugs and kisses. And nobody ever writes 'oxox'."

But then she flip flops and says that she thinks the X might symbolize the sound of a kiss (which I don't really get at all!).


Either way, off to bed!



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