Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tip Top Tapdancing Tuesday, (Y'all)

What a lame post title. Tapdancing? Alliteration is fun? Y'all seemed like an appropriate ending address? More thoughts (wait? there can be more? oh, yes.) on the title after the following news story:

Woman 'married' to the Berlin Wall for 29 years.

Mrs Berliner-Mauer, who lives in Liden, northern Sweden, said: "I find long, slim things with horizontal lines very sexy.

"The Great Wall of China's attractive, but he’s too thick – my husband is sexier."

WTF? In the United States it's difficult to even marry a human being of the same sex, let alone a frikken' graffitied Communist wall! But, then again, she's a Swede (italicized because now that I live in Denmark I'm required to talk about our Northern neighbors with only utmost disdain), or at least lives in Sweden. I'm not surprised she's a Swede. Swedes are weird.

Ok, so back on the topic of alliteration and the title of this post, sort of... I guess I could have used a thesaurus to find a better t-word that means something similar to news, because that wall article is all I really intended to post about but, alas, I didn't because I got distracted when I Googled the word 'thesaurus.' Ever since I was little, the word thesaurus has reminded me of some kind of dinosaur. I know it's obviously the saurus ending, but the the part also makes me look at the word and think "the saurus" and then, nearly instantaneously, "the dinosaur" ... and then I get this really weird image in my head of a dinosaur spelling bee.

Wait. What?

... mmm yeah. Well, I've been working too hard for too long today. Time to leave. :)

Before I go, on one last 'saurus note:

The above ramble reminded me of this card from someecards, which I sent to a friend earlier today...

... I'm hoping my friend sees this post, because then posting the following wouldn't be a completely futile waste of bandwith sucking hyper text markup language:

... told you. :)

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jeff said...

quite quaint. quick quiz; is quiet quacking quixotic?