Sunday, May 25, 2008

Enamel & Wedding Bells

So, I surfed on over to today because I've been really loving enameled jewelry recently (a lot of magazines have been crazy about Kenneth Jay Lane pieces). I haven't gotten anything yet, but I think the bright, super shiny colors are so fun for summer. I especially love enamel pieces in turquoise, coral, and yellow because all three colors are pretty much nonexistent in winter and look terrific with a tan. I also still want a tiny silver anchor necklace, but I still haven't been able to find one I love. :( The search continues!

As far as wedding bells go, mine won't be ringing anytime soon (step one: fall in love!), but if they were, I would definitely consider J.Crew's gorgeous Genevieve silk radzimir gown. Now, I feel that it's important to note that I am absolutely NOT one of those girls who has dreamed about every little detail of her future wedding since she was six or anything... In fact, quite the opposite. I have given it hardly any thought at all. I guess I've always kinda felt that if I think about it too much I'll jinx it ever happening. (I can be such a pessimist.) But, in the iota of thought I have given it, I've always thought I would probably wear a strapless dress, possibly with a princess neckline, so the Genevieve is a bit of a departure from the daydream. I just like the elegant simplicity of the dress. It would work in a chapel or on a beach. And, as you know, I tend to like dresses from J.Crew. :)

On that note, I'm off to commence with step one! :)
(After I, you know, do my laundry...)

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