Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Friday, I'm in love!

It's Friday and May! What's on my radar?

01. I've decided my Spring/Summer 2008 colors are probably light grey, light pink, and cream. I've been really drawn to them on recent shopping trips and I love how the colors look together and accented with pearls and silver jewelry. Perfect and fresh for spring. I'll also be incorporating blues into my wardrobe once the weather gets a tad warmer here. I've got two supercute strapless blue dresses to wear (one navy, one bright blue) and last summer's navy twill shorts from J.Crew are dying to be paired with an oxford and my topsiders again soon!

02. Also style-wise, what is the deal with Maxi dresses for spring?! I've been seeing them everywhere!! But who can actually wear them? I haven't tried any on (mostly for practical reasons - a maxi dress would be hell to bike in - but also because I love cocktail length sundresses for summer and they work for me) but I imagine I'm too short to be able to pull off a maxi dress with the kind of Mediterranean glamour I feel they should represent. (like this Missoni day dress or this one by Giambattista Valli that evokes images of an evening at a gorgeous mansion with an infinity pool somewhere on the Mediterranean. Aquamarine is also a beautiful color for spring and would look great with my "palette". ).

03. Best Mother's Day gift EVER!! Cupcakes, of course! :) Sas Cupcakes are a bit expensive ($40 for a dozen, $30 to ship because they need to be shipped two-day to still be fresh and delicious upon arrival), but what better gift could a cupcake-loving girl like me send to her dear Mom? I'm just bummed that I won't be there when they arrive to try a few! The zesty light lemon cake with fresh raspberry buttercream sounds amazing!

I guess that's basically it for now. There have been a lot of things that have crossed my mind to blog about recently, but the weather has been nice so I've been outside a lot and otherwise, I just haven't had time. I'm off to chaperone a bike trip for work over the weekend. Cross your fingers that it's sunny for us! Have a great weekend! :)

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