Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Happy Wednesday!

… and it is! Laying in bed last night, I was a bit nervous about how today would pan out because insomnia struck again with a vengeance. I really hate insomnia and I, unfortunately, have had it A LOT recently. I'm not sure why and I haven’t figured out how to beat it yet, either. I think my overall uncertainty about it is part of the problem and definitely adds to my mounting frustration.

The general pattern is that I'll feel tired, get ready and go to bed, then lay in bed in the dark, frustrated because I keep thinking about things and therefore can't sleep. Like a dummy, I end up adding to the things I'm thinking about by brainstorming things I could do to coax myself to sleep. A cup of chamomile tea with honey? Warm whiskey with lemon? Peanut butter on crackers? Warm milk? Go for a walk? Go for a run? Listen to Philip Glass? Take some sleep inducing meds? [insert blog inappropriate other physical activity here - c'mon. you can guess!]?

Last night, after brainstorming through my usual list and deciding against all of them for one reason or another (too many calories late at night. too much effort. glaring light from the computer will wake me up more. should save meds...), I guess I finally drifted off into sleep. I, MIRACULOUSLY, woke up feeling rested and ready to start my day. Amazing, considering I probably got about two hours short of the seven hours I feel I need to function best.

I'm just hoping my insomnia stays away for a bit. I just can't figure out the underlying cause. I'm pretty positive it's because I'm thinking about something, but I'm really not sure what. I feel like it's probably more of an unconscious thought that I block by "thinking" about other random things. It's like a REM thought or something, except I'm awake (when I, ahem, should be sleeping!). Weird. I have suppressed thoughts. I guess I'm a total psych case. Meh.

* * *

This morning I tried my new Biotherm Multi Recharge Moisturizer that I splurged on yesterday. It. Is. Awesome. The ginseng does automatically wake your skin up and make you look all glowy and gorgeous. I applied it under my usual make up and, come 12:21pm, there is no sign of greasiness or anything. Awesome. I'm excited to see what the 'super-activated anti-oxidants', vitamins, and plankton do for me in the next few weeks. I've read that you have to use a new beauty product for something like 21 days to really see how it works for you. Added bonus: It has SPF15. I never thought I'd need daily SPF in Denmark (I know, I know, you're supposed to use it everyday, but I ran out of my normal SPF-infused moisturizer in November and that was that for the winter. hmpf.), but the sun has been shining recently and (with every passing year, ugh.) I'm increasingly anti-wrinkles and age spots, thanks. I noticed a few new freckles around the bridge of my nose this year. They are kind of cute, but overall, no thank you.

* * *
More fun Wednesday things: Perhaps inspired by my tan, glowy skin, newly (okay, three weeks ago) highlighted hair, and my overall feeling of being well-rested, I channeled the American Southwest with my outfit today. No, I'm not wearing cowboy boots. Or a cowboy hat. I'm wearing dark jeans, a long-sleeved white fitted t-shirt, brown leather belt, brown leather Rainbow flip flops, and (get this!!) DANGLY EARRINGS. I NEVER, EVER wear anything but studs (classic pearls or diamonds). But, these particular danglies are pretty small, with turquoise and pearls (the turqouise paired with brown leather is where the southwest feeling comes in, you see...) Fun! :)

* * *
On the topic of jewelry, I was reminded of Dogeared Jewelry today. I like a lot of their things, but particularly this shamrock necklace and this anchor necklace (even though it's mysteriously marketed towards new moms), both of the 'make a wish' variety.

* * *
Last thing, then I swear I'll get back to work! :) These cupcakes were posted on my favorite cupcake blog, Cupcakes Take The Cake, as having won for 'Exotic Decoration' in the Second Annual Cupcake Cookoff. I think 'exotic decoration' is an extraordinary overstatement for these guys. First of all, they look like pot cupcakes. I think it's the (mint?) leaf garnishes. Second of all, they just aren't that pretty. More like Bob Marley Jamaican "Exotic" Decoration Cupcakes, maybe. Yuck. See the rest of the winners here.

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