Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Style Profile... Sarah, Copenhagen

Questions snagged from The Sartorialist Style Profiles.

I work for a study abroad organization. Mostly, I act as a concierge and answer student questions all day long, everyday, but I also plan parties, cultural events, and social activities, as well as helping students find housing, coordinating logistics, and other fun things. My job changes day to day which keeps it fun. I like to think of myself as a local celebrity among college-aged Americans in Copenhagen. They all know me. I don't know as many of them. It can be weird when American strangers wave or say hello to me in random places around the city (shopping, grocery stores, etc.) and I don't recognize them at all. I'm like "Oh hey!!!... you."

Best Sartorial advice from your parents?
Probably to just be myself.

Style icons
No one in particular, but I am influenced by a variety of people, places, and things.

Describe your personal style
I've been told my personal style is pretty preppy, but I like to think that it can be a bit arty/creative and sophisticated-yet-fun as well. I like to play around and try new things. As long as it's not described as boring, I guess I'm okay.

I build my daily look around
Whatever I'm doing, wherever I'm going, and whomever I'll be seeing that day.

Personal Style quirk
Classic items mixed with trendier pieces. Mixing low-end cheapie things with more expensive things. I guess that's what everyone does though, right?

Favorite designers
It changes from season to season, but I generally like Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and Dsquared. Recently I really liked the Peter Som Resort collection and the Fall 2008 collections from BCBG Max Azria, Luella , Blumarine, and Luca Luca. I'd also love to see some As Four pieces in person and Andrew Gn appeals to my wintery love of all things dark.

Most cherished item
A great fitting pair of jeans that's well worn but still looks as good as the day you bought them and makes you look and feel like a million dollars. I also love my peacoat, but I think I want to swap it out for something navy wool with brass buttons this winter... perhaps.

I feel best wearing?
Depends on the day and my mood. Sometimes I just want to be wearing a pretty dress or skirt. Other days dressy shorts or pants with heels give me confidence. Most of the time I'm happy in jeans and flip flops. Whatever I'm wearing, it looks best with my big smile, so I try to wear that too. I'm cheesy.

The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist's outfit ...
How do I feel about it at first glance? Do I have to look at it for a minute or two to appreciate that it works or do I think "wow" at first glance?

I always break this fashion rule.
"Put on all your accessories and then take one thing off." I never do this. I think I overaccesorize sometimes. I also should probably upgrade to a bigger bag because I tend to pack my tiny shoulder bags tetris-style full to the point where sometimes I'm worried I'll break the zipper when I'm pulling them closed. I just really like my small bags. Don't get me wrong, big bags can be fun, but also sooo cumbersome!

I never break this fashion rule.
Wear it with confidence. If you think you look great, you probably do. Narcissism can be your friend.

Never caught wearing?
Garish labels or shirts advertising places that don't exist or athletic events that never happened.

Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?
For men, a plain, long-sleeved light Grey shirt with jeans. Most guys look really, really hot in this outfit. For girls, a plain, long-sleeved, fitted white t-shirt with jeans. For both, a well-fitting white oxford with classic, non-dominating accessories.

Dress to impress who?
Myself when I look in the mirror. Unexpected compliments from others are always welcome, though!

Shine your own shoes?
I don't own many shoes that need shining, but I probably would if I did. Otherwise, I've always thought those shoeshine places and shoeshine guys at airports and train stations look underused. I'd probably let them shine me up. Remind me to wear my round-toed black patent leather high heels next time I travel.

Favorite stores?
Hmm, this is a tough question because I love boutique shopping as much as I love mall shopping. It depends if I'm browsing (in which I prefer the former) or actually looking for something in particular (the latter).

Your next "must have" purchase?
I'm in the market for a couple of new dresses, would love a great pair of casual summer heels and perhaps some cross-back (but not gym-esque!) tanks, and need to replace my Burberry London perfume.

I only buy __________ in Europe.
Accessories. Okay, I've bought other things, but accessories are easiest to take home. I've never bought shoes in Europe, though I've been tempted!

I skimp when buying ...
Basics like t-shirts and tank-tops.*

I splurge on.....

Jeans and outerwear.*

Favorite item of clothing
Right now I love my light grey cardigan with the big buttons. I never thought I'd look good in light grey, but this looks great on me and goes with a lot.

Guilty pleasure
Matching my undergarmets to my outfit.

Cologne, skincare?
Burberry London EDP, Cetaphil face wash, Dove Bar body soap, Biotherm facial moisturizer, The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter.

Most stylish city (Milan, Paris, London, New York, other)
People dress differently in all these cities, so it's hard to compare. I haven't spent a lot of time in Milan, so my view might be biased, but I think I like Paris the best. London does have a really great, preppy vibe going in parts though...

When I was high school I wore?
Pretty much the same stuff I wear now. The key to a great, classic wardrobe is to aim for variations on a theme over time.

Sailing, Running. I like other watching things too.

Favorite fashion magazine?
Hands down Harper's Bazaar.

Favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere, as long as I am with my friends or loved ones.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?
Here in Copenhagen I really like going to the Laundromat Cafe for brunch.

* When it comes to skimping and splurging, I use shopping math:

When considering a purchase I ask myself, "If my friends and I had such a situation where we charged each other when borrowing one another's clothing, how much would I be willing to pay my friend to wear the item I am thinking about buying?" Then I do the math. If the estimated number of times I'll wear the item results in a cost per wear equal or less than what I'd be hypothetically willing to pay my friend to wear the item once, I can buy it! This works out perfectly because it builds a system into my shopping practices that encourages me to spend more on nicer quality things I will wear more. For example, imagine I am considering purchasing a $200 pair of jeans:

Item in question: $200 jeans.
Amount I'd be willing to pay a friend to borrow jeans once: $5/wear.
Estimated number of times I'll probably wear jeans in question before retiring them for another similar yet newer replacement pair: 100
200 x 5 = $500.
I'd buy the jeans. $500>$200. Worth it.


Ami said...

Lovely... but I like to go online for shopping. And prefer savings through it, last time I saved 90% on apparel & accessories at Herrington Catalog.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog on google...I also lived in Denmark and DC, and I have a blog as well! So, super crazy that I found this.