Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So, Sarah has been interested in...

Welcome to my world.

1. Seven Basic Blog Posts. I'm guilty of most, but not all. I blog what I want!

2. This Poster. Though I'm not completely in love with the color scheme.

3. I'll stimulate your right parahippocampal gyrus with my excessive sarcasm.

4. Daily Astrology Forecast. Eerie.

5. The Grønne Sti (Green Path) in Copenhagen. I want to go ride by this bike counter a couple of times just to see the number go up. I have no life and am amused by lame things. I once had a car with a analog odometer (is there such a thing? I mean an odometer that's not digital, obviously) that, once I realized you could make it go backwards, I drove in reverse circles for about two tenths of a mile in a parking lot one night with some friends in high school. Like I said, easily amused.

Let the hunt begin!
(see, told you I would start using it!)

1 comment:

Zakkaliciousness said...

if you're really sad and pathetic... you'll wait a few metres away and try to be the 100,000th, 150,000th, 200,000th, etc cyclist that passes by.
That's a hobby that lasts all year!