Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Lucky Charm!

Oh boy! Even though I'm not five anymore*, Lucky Charms are still one of my favorite breakfast cereals. Of course I like it "regular" with milk, but I like to eat it dry, too. Awesomely, the dining hall at my university had this sugary Lucky goodness in bulk, readily available for me to buy with my cushy parent-paid-for meal plan. I ate it by the clear dining-hall box load all through freshman and sophomore year. Sometimes I would eat Lucky Charms (mixed with my other fav, Cocoa Puffs! - and no, Chocolate Lucky Charms do NOT have the same effect. They suck. It's all about the MIX) for breakfast and dinner everyday for like a week. (not lunch because I usually didn't eat a real lunch) And, no, sadly you can't get a box in Denmark. :( They only have, like, six kinds of cereal here. Boo.

*Wasn't it fun when you were five to tell people you were five? People would ask how old you were and you could just hold up one hand, fingers extended as far as they could possibly reach and say, proudly, "I'm five!" Maybe when I'm twenty-five I'll do the same thing except "flash" my fingers by opening and closing them in rapid succession five times. I'll say "I'm twenty-five!"

... Oh my god, I'm sooo uncool. I'm probably the kind of person that has a quarterlife crisis at twenty-five, aren't I? ;)


Jill said...

I'm seriously creeped out by how similar we favorite cereal is lucky charms and btw I love cupcakes and every item of clothing you've ever posted on this thing! I can't wait to get to Denmark!

jeff said...

hold up five fingers on one hand and two fingers slightly raised and behind the other hand.



Sarah said...

Hahaha, you just started reading my blog and you already know I'm dorky enough to square 5 when I tell people how old I am. Geekery, I tell you!