Friday, June 6, 2008

So SaRadar

Things I've been meaning to mention:

1. Why bother? The Anti-Energy Drink so you can "slow your roll." Orrr you can just drink a bottle of red wine and take a percocet... Not that I've never done that. I've never been, but if it's so popular in Houston, one can only deduce that Houston sucks to the point of needing soporation. To add insult to, erm, sleep, they package it to look like grape soda. Gross.

2. Atheism comes to I-95. God (or Whoever/Whatever) damnit, atheists! Why can't you just not believe in God or any higher power and be cool with it? I seriously don't get why atheism seems to be becoming a religion in it's own right. Form a coalition with like-minded individuals? Really? What are they going to do if they meet?
"Hi, my name is John and I don't believe in a higher power."
"Hi, John..." (the group choruses), "We don't either."
"Erm, yeah. Those fundamentalists sure are dumb to put logic on the backburner and believe in something like religion, aren't they?"
"They sure are, John."
So weird. I hate it.

3. FHM's Top 100 Sexiest women vs. Maxim's Hot 100. I'm suspiciously absent. Next year, next year...

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