Friday, August 8, 2008

What could it be?!

I live above a Turkish grocery kiosk. They have great fresh fruit and veggies and I often stop by on my way home to get fresh produce for dinner and say hi to my Turkish "friends" who work there. They often have mysteriously unrecognizable fruits and veggies that I always wonder about. Today, I decided to stop wondering. I bought two, brought them home, and tried them out. I've documented the journey with photos.

Veggie (?) #1: Came wrapped in paper with a little bit sticking out.

This is what it looked like unwrapped. Kinda a light greenish, yellowish, whitish color. Long and firm. That sounds dirty.

Veggie (?) #2: Wasn't wrapped. Cucumber-green colored with little knobby bits all over it.

Close-up on #2's 'knobby bits.'

Photo shoot of #2 with the koriander. Looks like a cactus, doesn't it?

Cue music from Psycho. I'll cut you.

Okay, so thing #1 looked like a squash. It tasted like squash, too, but more palatable. I feel like I could actually eat this raw (unlike regular green squash, which isn't too yummy raw), but it would probably be better cooked.

Thing #2 was weird because the outer layer was really thick and it had seeds inside.


It tasted so nasty I had to spit it out. The bit on the right was the part I chewed for a few seconds. Eew.

Anyone know what these mysterious things are?

Stay tuned for more installments of What could it be?! I had fun doing this and the Turkish grocery has all kinds of mysterious stuff worth checking out.


jeff said...

thing #2: ribbed, for her pleasure.

you dorque. those aren't EDIBLE. i bet your turkish friends will gag when they realize you tried to EAT them.

Sarah said...

Who spells the word dork with a que?! Are you trying to be French or something?!

Seriously though. What the hell are these things. Especially the second. I'm certainly not going to ask them and make them think I'm all bush league in the kitchen. They probably think I'm an excellent chef for just buying the things. Like, "oooh, wow, first person in the neighborhood. She must be like Emeril or sometihng."