Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I came out of work today excited to head off to the architecture exhibition on Amager with some friends only to find that the back tire on my bike was completely flat, again. :(

This is my third flat tire in thirteen months. Back tire twice, front tire once. I wonder what the Copenhagen annual average for flat tires is...? It really sucks because being without your bike for even a couple of hours (luckily one of the bike shops in my neighborhood could take it in tonight and look at it tomorrow morning. It should be ready by lunchtime tomorrow. I'll skip out on lunch to come by the bike shop and pick it up.) is like being without a car for a couple of hours. You feel stranded. Suddenly, the idea of the time involved to walk places you would normally bike is utterly daunting.

Undoubtedly my puncture occurred this morning when I was Lance Armstronging it (instead of my usual 'Saturday bike in the park pace') to work. I thought I was running late and we have morning meetings on Wednesdays, so I booked it and got to work in record time. I made a fool out of myself once, narrowly avoided an accident, and saw someone almost get hit by a bus, but in the end I probably PR'ed my morning commute by at least two minutes. At least! The lights were on my side for the most part, too. I was going so fast I probably didn't see the glass. Fucking glass. Now that I think about it, it could have also happened when I had to swerve to avoid the low flying pigeon on Sankt Peders Stræde. Dumb low flying rats. Scum.

Worst part is that I had to miss the architecture exhibition because fixing my primary mode of transportation now took precedence over looking at chairs, glass, and building models. Hmph!

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