Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I posted a comment in another blog I like to read today. After I posted my comment and it appeared, I clicked on my name because I couldn't remember if clicking on a commenter's name would take you directly to their blog or to their Blogger page.

Hahaha, I forgot that I was bored one night and randomly updated a few of things on my blog and Blogger profile page. One of the things I added to my profile was an audio clip. I didn't remember this and was curious what it was, so I clicked it. It's Blink 182 What's My Age Again. Hahaha. I'm so lame. I try to listen to that song every day now that I am 23 (you know... Nobody likes you when you're tweeeenty-three!). I usually put it on when I put my head phones in and start walking down the windy back stairs of my building to get my bike in the morning.

I'm such a huge dork I can't even believe it sometimes. I'm like an alien creature from planet Lame, home of the dorks. ;)


Tanya said...

Hi Sarah. Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. I like your blog too! Now that I know you're here, I'll be reading yours on a regular basis! Keep running!

jeff said...

the correct spelling is "dorque".

the hard "k" in dork indicates a disparaging tone. often, dork is used to belittle a person.

on the other hand, the "que" in dorque is softer and indicates a lighthearted tone. when used in a geek setting, dorque can also be a term of endearment, indicating the high technical skill of the target.

the planet name also requires modification. the actual name is "lameo" [pronounced like romeo i.e. "lameo, lameo, wherefore art thou, lameo?" "i'm right here; third planet from the sun, dorque."]