Friday, August 8, 2008

Currency-Challenged Americans

I liked this NY Times article on the European view of shopping in America while the dollar is low. It's a view I have heard expressed by A LOT of Europeans. The girl in the viking hat is me when I get back to the States. Seriously. I know Americans are complaining about $5 lattes and $4/gallon gas, but the same Starbucks latte costs approx. $13 here (converted to Danish kroner) and a gallon of gas (converted from liters and to kroners) would cost about $9 here. I don't really think about it anymore because I get paid in kroner so it's all relative, but when I do think about it I realize that I can't wait to spend only 25dkk ($5) on a latte and exploit the currency advantage I'll temporarily have when I return. It's the same for other things. I bought lotion and and tank top yesterday. The lotion cost 160dkk ($32), the tank top cost 200dkk ($40). I would have never spent that on either of these items in the States.*

I actually heard the dollar went up to 4.94 against the Danish kroner today, which is the first time the currency has risen since I've been here. I thought about running and closing my bank account and cashing out before it goes any higher! :)

*relative to their quality, not on the actual good in general.

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