Friday, August 22, 2008

Dear Michael Bastian,

Pretty please do a womens collection soon. I love how flipping through the lookbooks from your various collections makes me feel like I'm playing with a James Bond paper doll. I want to look like a sporty, preppy, classy James Bond, too! (girl style though, please.) I'm envisioning James Bond meets Blair Waldorf meets Malibu Barbie meets Ski Barbie meets...


p.s. I can see how other people might give you a bit of flack for some of your looks, which can admittedly appear a bit "messy" and thrown together. (like you're breaking the "put on all your jewelry/accessories rule and then take one thing off before you leave the house" rule... take that with a grain of salt!) But, trust me, after living in Scandinavia I have grown very accustomed to the "throw everything in your closet on to stay warm and hopefully look cool" look. I appreciate it very much.

<3 :

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