Saturday, August 23, 2008


How's the weather where you live? I think we might be experiencing an unnamed and mysteriously undetected (until now) hurricane where I live. It has been pouring all day and is really cold. I'm-wearing-wool-tights cold. Welcome to August in Denmark, which can go from crazy-beautiful and lovely one day to disgustingly gross and cold the next.

I did not let the weather stop me from getting my hair done this morning.

I did not let my bike tire getting flat (again!) on the way home stop me from miraculously finding an Italian who would fix it right away for cheap. Said Italian restored my hope in humanity. Any other bike mechanic would have charged me an arm, a leg, and my first born to put a new tube and tire on my back wheel. They also would have made me wait a week, guaranteed. :)

I will not let the weather stop me from biking to Amager, going to Christiania, and eating at Morgenstedet with my stalwart friends.

I will let the crappy weather ease my transition in moving back to the United States in a week.

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