Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smash or Trash!

A few Smashes and Trashes from the past three weeks:

TRASH! Clear bra straps. I saw these all over Italy. Open note to the women of the world: A clear bra strap isn't really clear. It's plastic and, unless you have plastic Barbie skin, you can see it when you wear it. Please either go strapless or pick a bra with straps that match your top. Thanks.

SMASH! Gelato. Italian food in general, actually.

TRASH! Mamma Mia, the movie. I watched this online tonight with Rachel. I'm infinitely glad I didn't pay 75dkk ($15) to see this in the theater here, because it's the worst movie I've seen in a long time (Yes, even worse than Stardust). The plot is weak because they have to keep pausing to squeeze in an ABBA song or sex joke, Pierce Brosnan (whom I have (HAD?!) the utmost respect for) actually tries to sing (godawful. Johnny Depp was waaaay better in Sweeney Todd), and I'm pretty convinced the entire thing ends in a big, wet orgy.

SMASH! Eggs Benedict, which I had at brunch today.

TRASH! Rainy weather.

SMASH! Øllebrod.

SMASH! The newest season of Project Runway. Specifically, Blayne.


Libby said...

have you tried øllebrød? it sounds gross.

Sarah said...

Yes! I had it at my family's place last week. I thought it sounded really gross, too, but it's actually pretty good. You make it with Christmas beer, so it gets sweet to begin with, and then you eat it with whipped cream and sugar if you want. It kind of has the consistency of oatmeal. I feel like without the whipped cream you could eat it for breakfast. It is SOOO filling, though. :)