Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wikipedia aligns with Denmark

Defies 180,000 demands to remove images of the Prophet

Hmmm... I think this "whole thing" (crass terminology given the scope and magnitude, I know) regarding depictions of the Prophet Muhammad (starting back in September 2005, flaring up in January/February 2006, and currently experiencing a revival to consciousness in Western countries) is extremely interesting because it skirts a much bigger issue of applicability in regards to religious practice and tolerance. I've just started reading Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion and he addresses the feeling of varying religious groups that their laws are, of course, the ultimate. He continues to explore whether it is reasonable for religious laws of particular sects to be applicable to others and/or for their religious laws to trump laws made by mankind. (In particular, I'm thinking about that tribe in New Mexico who, merely by playing the religion card, gets to regularly indulge in psychotropic substances that are otherwise illegal to everyone else). Perhaps I'll write more on this at a later time. I need to do some thinking. Unfortunately, most of my thinking never makes it into this blog, which is why most of my posts are inane at best. Oh well.

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