Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tang Attack

Bornholm, Denmark is one of my most favorite places on Earth. I will likely describe these reasons in a later post (I'll be going to Bornholm again in May) but I wanted to mention one of them now...

Whenever I go to Bornholm, I stay in Danhostel Gudhjem. Danhostel Gudhjem is fun for a number of reasons, one standout being that they serve what appears to be and tastes like TANG in the dining room. I started thinking about Tang when I was drinking my afternoonly Safari Fruits flavoured Capri Sun (ahem, Capri-Sonne - it's actually German here) and Stine compared it to my love of Bornholm Tang. A quick visit-out-of-curiosity to Wikipedia has shown me that Tang is an American product (though it has been in outer space). Suddenly wondering where I could get some of this delicious Tang-like product here in Copenhagen, I called Danhostel Gudhjem and spoke to Jakob. I told Jakob I had a weird question and asked him what the drink was in the dining hall. He seemed confused and, unable to hold my cool and excitement any longer (I was already mentally planning an after work excursion to Nørrebro to score some Tang) I burst out with, "Is it Tang!?!"

"Tang?" he asked, confused.

"Oh, yeah, you know, it's an American fake citrus beverage. It's been to outer space in the shuttle!" (loser.)

"Erm, hmmm, okay. Well, I'll ask the chef when he comes in." (God, this girl is a whackjob)

"Okay, great. Here is my email...! See you in May!" (all smiles, still a loser.)

God, you know you've been away from USA too long when you go nuts about Tang. I'm still awaiting my email though, and I do hope it's Tang.

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Libby said...

du er en rigtig skør pige -- jeg kan ikke tro at du har ringet til vandrehjemmet. men du må altså fortælle mig når du høre fra jakob. jeg tror ikke at det er tang... men måske! jeg håber :)