Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clear the Water, Snark Attack!!!

Okay, not a very funny joke, I know, but some people (cough, cough, Søren, cough) have alluded that my recent posts have been too snarky. I think the article that he emailed me (below) earlier today likely has something to do with it:

Unfortunately, I don't work with idiots, I work for idiots. By that I mean the "customers" I serve are idiots. Sometimes I thank my lucky stars that I'm not completely retarded and self-insufficient. Make that often. Often I thank my lucky stars... My whole solar system of lucky stars containing the wit and wisdom that helps me get by day-to-day.

Now, to be completely fair, not everyone I work for is an idiot (and, on that note, I believe idiot is an extraordinarily harsh term, but in keeping with the article...). But enough of them are to make me feel like I am in the teeth-gnashing depths of Hell at least twice a day. In order to counteract some snark, I'm posting the absolute hyggeliest, feel-good picture I can find:

Flowers, candles, and cake. Snark medicine. Antisnarkamine. I feel better already. Sort of.

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