Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Tidbits

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Ikea Guilty of Cultural Imperialism?! or, The Danes Overreact Again! - Nyhedsavisen (self-proclaimed as Denmark's Biggest Newspaper) recently ran a front page article (that's right, folks, front page) accusing Ikea of "bullying" Denmark because names of Danish towns are relegated to "lower value" items, like doormats.

"It seems to be an example of cultural imperialism," Klaus Kjøller, Assistant Professor in Political Communication and the Danish Language at the University of Copenhagen. "Ikea has chosen the objects with the lowest value and given them Danish names," he added.

Doormats and rugs such as Köge, Sindal, Roskilde, Bellinge, Strib, Helsingör and Nivå are all "seventh class" citizens in the hierarchical world of Ikea furnishings, according to Kjøller.

"Ikea is a very professional company. I don't think this can be a coincidence," he said.

But according to Ikea spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson, that is exactly what it is.

But Klaus Kjøller is not convinced.

"It's hard to imagine it's not intentional," he said.

In an unrelated but interesting aside, the Copenhagen academic also pointed out that "it is exactly 350 years since the Swedes took the Halland, Skåne and Blekinge regions from Denmark."
Riiiight. I emailed the article to some Danes to get their opinion:

"I for one am sure that it is done deliberately." - Michael Gajhede, Professor of Biostructural Research, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.

"I hate those Swedes! They believe they can step all over us - like on a doormat! But we Danes and you with your Danish ancestors are better than them... Funny!"- Stine Svenningsen, Danish Institute for Study Abroad Receptionist and all around sweetheart :)

Also, Tramp Stamps = gross. Tramp Stamps on your WEDDING DAY?! = Might as well get married at the trailer park.

Man chokes to death on cupcakes! Sad.

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