Saturday, July 19, 2008

You might have lived in Denmark too long when...

You end up going on a 7 mile run in search of a good loaf of bread. Seriously.

I am going to a dinner party tonight and the theme is "brunch for dinner." Yay, because I LOVE breakfast/brunch foods and I eat them for dinner often on my own. (Who has time to make an omelet on a weekday morning!?) This morning I made a blueberry lemon loaf with lemon glaze and currently in the oven is a loaf of banana cranberry bread with brown sugar cinnamon crumble o top. Both are new recipes for me, so hopefully they will turn out yummy. From the batter (which I tasted at every stage! Who knows when it might have accidentally mutated into a poisoned disaster! Kind chefs and good friends put themselves on the lines as taste testers!), they tasted pretty promising...! :) Anyway, I didn't just want to bring two sweet, dessert-y breads (I'm bringing lemon curd and blackberry jam to go with them, by the way!) but I didn't have time to bake a loaf of regular bread so I decided to take advantage of my surroundings (Denmark) and all it has to offer (some of the best bakeries in the world!) and go out and buy a fresh Saturday loaf of bread.

I also decided that, because I was so bad with my batter tasting this morning, I would repent a bit and pick up the bread from a bakery near the end of one of my regular running routes which always smells tauntingly delicious when I run by. Unfortunately, I set out a little late (around 1pm) so by the time I made the loop and got to the bakery, it was closed. Bummer. Still wanting to bring bread and high on adrenaline and batter-induced sugar rush, I ended up running all over town looking for a bakery that had an appealing looking loaf of bread. I finally found one at a tucked away bakery that I didn't know existed on a square near my place. Curious (and wanting to log the correct distance on BTT - JEFF!), I mapped my run when I returned and it was just over 7 miles. 7 unintentional miles in search of a loaf of bread. (If I had been able to get it from the originally intended bakery it would have only been 5ish.) Did I mention I was hungover, too? :)

From my observations, Danes love exercising and they love bakeries. I bet I'm not the only person in Copenhagen that has ever combined the the two! :)

Hopefully the Italian loaf I got plus the two loaves I'm making will be delicious! Maybe I'll post pictures or something. I've always wanted to have a food blog, but I unfortunately don't cook enough delicious looking or fancy stuff to qualify.


jeff said...

okay. you successfully made my mouth water. holy yum. those breads sound heavenly. i'm hoping you post some pictures of them (and, if you can be coaxed, send me some via overnight fedex). my shipping address is on my website. ;)

pcwilson72 said...

Hey Sarah, could you send me the recipes for those breads or post them here? I really want to try them and actually make a successful one. -Pam