Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vikings and Bagpipes

For the past couple of days, mysterious bagpipe music has been wafting through my open office windows. I've yet to catch a glimpse of the vagabond pipe player but, because bagpipes are relatively uncommon in Denmark, I've been actively speculating as to his or her identity and appearance. Here are my two theories (courtesy of my MS Paint skills and not being busy at work):

Piper Gone Viking:

Viking Gone Piper (yes, I am aware that the mouthpiece of the bagpipe is oriented incorrectly):

Is Copenhagen the new Scotland? Will Gammeltorv replace the Scottish Highlands? Only time (and perhaps venturing outside of the office to investigate) will tell.

1 comment:

jeff said...

viking gone piper has his bagpipe slung for the beach assault. in the vm.4qt beach assault manual it states:

"skerpie skerp, bagpipes shall be slung by the battle harness over viking marine's right shoulder while exiting the landing craft and until the viking marine is 100m from the surf. at which point, viking marine is required to unsling the bagpipe and being playing a selection from vm.99re [viking marine battle hymns]. bork bork bork"