Thursday, July 3, 2008

Speaking of heat:

I've been posting a lot of NYT articles recently. I haven't been reading it any more or less than usual, I've just been especially interested in an uncharacteristically high number of articles recently.


jeff said...

i was expecting a silly, fluff article about exercising in the heat, but they actually dispelled some myths and provided decent information.

i've never been one to douse my body with water (mostly because i'm already soaked head to toe on a hot/humid day) but i do like to wet my hair and spike it. it seems to catch more wind that way and cool my scalp. then again, that may be all psychological and i may be doing more damage than good...

with all this talk about heat and sweating, you've got to read this:

lather, an introduction

more lather

a slight case (pic)

lather, explained

i can't wait for winter to roll around and we start posting about the cold and how it affects exercise. i have interesting terms coined that guys encounter when running in sub zero.

marc said...

"He first asked participants to walk on a treadmill for 100 minutes in a room that was kept at 100 to 120 degrees."

120 degrees?? i would have been like, "alright dr. mengele, i'm getting off this conveyor belt pronto"