Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The key is the glitzy belts

Bill Cunningham's amusing commentary on the falling of waistlines, literally:

Some of my favorite quotes:

"This started in the prisons, when they took their belts away... it became a style. You never know where style's coming from."

"... And, the skull. The skull is absolutely between goth and street but without the bones."

"It's just terrible. I've waited and waited." (this quote kinda makes it sound like it would be a treat for Cunningham if it happened... even in context! hahaha)

"But it's the trousers that seem to be reflecting the ups and downs of the stock market!" (after he's been talking about glitter belts for ages)

"The streets are speaking to us. This is a small group. They're mainly Hispanic and Black men. And there are white kids. I tell you! They're coming in from the suburbs and the pants are fallign down! But they've added this year the glitzy belt. That's the key."


jeff said...

okay, admittedly, i don't have much appreciation for fashion. yes, i appreciate a well put together outfit, and i wear relevant clothes, but i'm more of a "what is going to be functional" kind of guy (hey, give me points for owning a long sleeved grey shirt and dark, well fit boot cut jeans).

so, i went into that slideshow with that mindset. and the thing that struck me was that this guy mentioned the stock market crash of the 20's several times. mention isn't the right word. he sounded like he had intimate knowledge of it. and based on how his voice sounded, he's been around since then.

i say all of this jokingly. and if the guy is some icon of the fashion world and i'm way out of line, then i apologize for my poor attempt at humour. ;)

Sarah said...

Haha, props to you for owning what I consider the hottie outfit! :) Seriously though, I haven't seen a guy look bad in the dark, well-fitting jeans and long sleeve grey t-shirt yet. It's a wonder outfit.

In regards to the narrator, Bill Cunningham, he's only been alive since 1947.
And he's a radio show host, not a fashion icon, so don't worry. :)