Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Henry Cuir

I was browsing the Barneys website yesterday (sooo many beautiful things! I was going to make a Barney's wishlist post, but it was taking too long and making me too depressed - $1,005 Louboutins were on it...) and discovered Henry Cuir. He makes leather handbags and assorted small goods, often with embroidery. Normally I wouldn't associate embroidery as something I generally like, but he has all this stuff with the cutest bicycle on it. Since I've become a true cyclist during my time in Denmark, I'm drawn to it. :)

I couldn't link items because they are not static images (stupid, Barneys), but I thought these things were cute:

Courier du Coeur Envelope - Leather (brown)

Courier du Coeur Envelope - Black
Courier du Coeur Large Travel Envelope - Black

And for a guy (way too big for me!):
Zig Zag Wallet - Dark Brown Black
Zig Zag Wallet - Leather

I also discovered a cute brown leather bike embroidery luggage tag during my browsing, but couldn't find it again at the time of this posting. :(

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