Monday, March 10, 2008

The Burberry Game, Automatic Win!!

I have previously alluded to the fact that Burberry is taking over the world in my Adventures at the Airport post and, before that, in my Burberry & Denmark post.

I think I have also mentioned The Burberry Points game, though never fully explained it. The rules of the game are, simply and essentially, as follows:

1. If you see someone wearing Burberry novacheck, you can call points on the article of clothing. If someone else in your group has already spotted the Burberry and called the points, it cannot be called again. That person has been played.

2. Generally, you get 2 points for regular Burberry things, like scarves. For couples who are both wearing something Burberry, you get 5 points. You also get 5 points for 'rare' clothing with novacheck (skirts, ponchos, etc.), and pet clothing. Accessories, such as umbrellas and purses are generally worth 3 points.

3. Spotting someone wearing A Burberry Burkha (yes, you read that correctly) constitutes an automatic win.

4. Assuming no one spots a Burberry Burkha, the first person to reach to a pre-determined number (such as 50), wins.


Anonymous said...

It was me inside that Burberryburkha. For real. Does that make me the winner?

marc said...

Dude, you should go to Spain.
It's Very Burberry,
it's Madame and Sirberry
so much it's absurdberry!