Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Things

Good afternoon, blogosphere. Some things that have caught my attention today...

1. Science Confirms The Obvious 2008 - Unathletic kids are unpopular at school! Caffeine combats sleepiness! Long ambulance rides make you more likely to die! Teenagers drink to have fun! Loneliness sucks!

2. Dlisted: DIY Paternity tests! - How ghetto can you go? I agree with Michael K that this ranks high on the Embarrassing Purchases Scale. I'd be way more embarrassed to buy this than, say, condoms or even an at-home pregnancy test.

3. KEXP 90.3 FM - This is an awesome Seattle radio station that was recommended by some new friends (Steve and Sarah) I recently met while I was in Ireland. The broadcast live online (even in Denmark! A lot of U.S. radio stations don't let you listen to them online if you're overseas) and I've been listening to it for the past two days at work.

4. The New York Sun: Are We Really That Ill? - My abnormal psychology professor in undergrad once said something that has really stuck with me. In regards to mental illness, he said "We all have something. It's just a matter of what and how much."

5. The Local: Swedes engage in Easter sweets binge - I think it's amusing that the Easter candy advice being given to my neighbors across the Øresund Sound is that "It is best to eat everything at once and then let the teeth rest." Hmmm... Moving up on the 'Eating Disorders That Plague Sweden' list, Compulsive Over Eating and/or Binge/Purge!? :)

6. The IRS is on YouTube - Something tells me 'IRS' isn't a common YouTube search term. I wonder if you could cite the vids in a bibliography. Oh, is that as bad as citing Wikipedia?

7. Most unlikely place for a stripper? - Yeah, I'd say funerals rank pretty high on that list. I hope my funeral is just as fun!

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