Monday, March 3, 2008

So SaRadar

In effort to combat my emoness, I've decided to post some things that are currently on my radar and not twinged with the emo glow. Sure, doing actual work (I'm at work) might distract me from my emo state, but likely not, so I'm doing this instead. Plus, I'm salaried.

1. Copenhagen Cycle Chic on what it means to be a cyclist in Copenhagen. In Copenhagen, everyone cycles. It's not just a sport or a hobby for "enthusiasts" or a hippie method of commuting. We don't wear spandex or special cycling shoes. Hell, most of us don't even wear helmets!

2. Kate Spade Tarrytown Maria Clutch. $215. Comes in pink (shown), black, yellow, and orange. Boarskin leather, 14k light gold plated hardware, and SEERSUCKER lining!! Cute. I want.

3. Artomat Art Vending Machines. Artists from around the world contribute original works of are for these art machines made from retro-looking, converted cigarette machines (check them all out on the website). There are 82 locations around the United States, the one closest to me being at the Whole Foods in Tenley Town. The vend price is $5 and artists get $2.50. Pretty cool idea.

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