Monday, March 3, 2008

All Emo and Whatnot

Monday afternoon and I'm feeling pretty emo for a number of reasons I don't really want to go into here, mostly because I'm not quite sure who reads my blog. I'm apparently looking pretty emo too... about three minutes ago Lincoln poked his head into my office and told me I looked "deflated." Swell. To be brief, I dwell too much on things. I especially dwell on things from the past but I've also known my mind to wander to the present and future. People, places, experiences... dwell, dwell, dwell. Why can't I just get over things and move on with my life? Other people seem to be able to get over things and forget about them. Set it and forget it, Showtime Rotisserie style! (lame late-night infomercial reference) I, however, tend to analyze and reanalyze things to a point of overanalysis, become frustrated and force myself to put whatever it is on the back burner of my mind for a bit, only to eventually have something trigger it back into my consciousness, restarting the cycle. I hate it. I also don't know how to fix this problem or stop the cycle. Maybe I'll be emo forever. Man, that would suck. But yeah, it's a down slide kinda day and the fact that it's currently sleeting outside isn't helping. :(

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Mich said...

I'm emo too. Maybe when we're back together we won't be emo anymore...or maybe we'll be superemo. I know I need to email you back, I just don't have any time to even sit and write an email. For now these blog comments must do.